Death of a Monitor -or- Cookie Kamikaze

The original classic. The first monitor cartoon depicts an historic journey of death and sorrow that spawned a trilogy of cartoons and won the hearts of children the world over.

Monitors have the Worst Luck

A Monitor Cartoon Sequel

The sequel to the original, that makes this one part two. This is the tale of how Monitor Number Two bit the dust. Like most sequels, this one was met with mixed reviews from critics and fans alike and successfully split the fanbase into two warring factions of hateful fanboys.

Monitor Cartoon #3

Trilogies are popular because they represent the maximum amount of milking that can be applied to most franchises before the public gets sick of them. Monitor Cartoon #3 does bring some new ideas to the table, however, including an all new animation style called "Scribble Vision." The story is action packed and the special effects will dazzle your senses.

The Monitor character and all related cartoons are property of Seth Townsend and Animation Studio